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Gary Rhodes

Star Consultant

My Story

Throughout the years, my wife and I bought so many candles and one day we were just talking and I said "honey, it will be nice to either make our own scents or hopefully work with candles someday".  Well, on Christmas Day 2009, Scentsy came into our lives through a friend of ours who gave us a plug-in and a lovely scent and with no time wasted, I joined Scentsy on 1/1/10.  I knew going forward we will be buying alot of the Scentsy products so I figured I might as well get paid the same time as I am doing something that I enjoy.  I was very impressed on how the heat from a light bulb warms the scented wax without any flames or soot.  Regular candles are banned from classrooms, dorms, public buildings etc. and with Scentsy, where a traditional candle cannot go Scentsy can. 

I am having an enjoyable time with my Scentsy business and will love to have you be part of my team.  Anyone who knows me know that I am a quiet person and if I can do this so can you.  You do not have to be a salesperson to do this.  The product and the catalog sells itself.  So if you're interested in making some extra money, then let's talk as well as you may go to my website and sign up there.  If you will like to place an order or even host a catalog, basket or home party, where you can earn 1/2 priced items and free products then email me or give me a call.

You'll be glad that you went the Scentsy way!

Thanks for reading my story.



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